How can I follow an online course?

First select the course in our agenda that you are interested in, then book your ticket. After booking your ticket you will automatically receive a login code and invitation from us. Just follow the steps and before you know it you are online with your teacher.

What can I expect from a course?

Each course if different as each teacher has his own unique style of teaching but in general the courses are structured as follows.


Day one: you will gain general basic info starting at a beginner level. Topics such as the formation of a vision and understanding the computer as a tool of creation, understanding the basic structure of a music production editing program, practical work and more will be discussed here.


Day two: You will dive deeper into sound design, techniques, workflow, advanced techniques using a music editing program, Synthesis,  Edit, Mix, Master and more and.


Day three: Dive even deeper; music industry, Things you need to know and to have in order to be seen as a professional artist, record labels - booking agencies, performing tips and more


During each course you will have the chance to ask questions and interact with the teacher and have short 1 on 1 sessions.

You will get homework assignments that will be later discussed with the teacher.

How much time does each course take?

That depends on the course but in general they are quite intense and would last for about six hours per day excluding homework.

Can I only follow courses online or can I join live?

Until April 2021 all courses are online only. After April 2021 courses will be both available online as well as live here at the lodge. 

Do you offer accommodations during a live course?

Yes we do, we offer several different types of accommodation here at the lodge. Have a look here for more info. All live courses must be booked in combination with a stay. It is not possible to follow a live course without staying at the lodge.

How many participants can follow a course simultaneously? 

Live we offer courses for maximum 25 participants at a time. Online that number goes up to 50. We try to form each seminar in a way so that there is enough time for personal attention between student and teacher,

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us on info@bamboolodge.nl